Premature Aging

“A curious thing about ageing is that everyone knows what it looks like, but no one seems to know what it is.” Peter T. Pugliese, M.D.

The ageing process extends into all cellular regions of the body and mind. Additionally it is far reaching into the social and economical sectors of everyday life. Undoubtedly a clearer understanding of the ageing progression goes way beyond the depth of a wrinkle! No matter where you live, a key to healthy ageing is to be able to journey through this phase of your life in a functional and healthy manner to ensure a quality of life into older years. Successful ageing requires developing healthy habits, including taking care of our skin, along with receiving a positive influence from those closest to us as well as from society.

A powerful approach to ageing is to embrace the realisation that we cannot stop this inevitable process. Instead, and thanks to modern scientific research and education, we now have greater understanding of how to care for our skin and our body in order to experience optimal vitality and health. This ultimately contributes to the way our skin looks and feels. Based on the field of corneotherapy, there is a great deal of new scientific research involving the importance of maintaining a healthy skin. It also confirms that we must protect the skin barrier at all times without being overly aggressive with skin treatments.

Maintaining a healthy and functioning barrier provides overall protection against dehydration, the penetration of germs, allergens, irritants, oxidative stress, and excessive ultra violet radiation.

Application of products based on the theories of corneotherapy supports a gradual healing of any inflammation and other conditions that impair the barrier function. As stated earlier, there is a lessening of the cell function in ageing skin. Nevertheless, we know that we can make both external and internal adjustments to alter the affects of the ageing process. This indeed supports cell functioning and repair with improved immune response and rebuilding of the skin barrier.

When determining the rate by which an individual ages, we should be aware of the underlying levels of cellular ageing (biological ageing). It is very different than chronological ageing. We may be 40. Due to our lifestyle and amount of environmental exposure, especially to the sun, there can be an acceleration of cellular ageing. Our cells may really be 10 years older!

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