What is permanent makeup?

Permanent makeup, also known as cosmetic tattooing, semi-permanent makeup, micropigmentation and microblading, is the process of depositing pigment into the upper dermal layer of the skin using tiny sterile needles. This procedure helps to enhance the colour and shape of one’s eyebrows or eyeliner.

How long does it last?

Depending on aftercare, skin type, skincare, lifestyle, and sun exposure, permanent makeup can last anywhere from 6 months to 2 years. However, most clients will come for a touchup before one year to keep the shape and colour fresh. Typically, people with normal to dry skin will hold onto the pigment longer with crisper results. Clients with low iron levels may draw iron from the pigments resulting in colour loss. These clients may be advised to take an iron supplement.

Am I a candidate?

Most people can benefit from this procedure. However, we don’t recommend women who are pregnant or breastfeeding have this done. Anyone who has taken Accutane, or had chemotherapy treatments must must wait for at least 6 months. Someone who has had previous permanent makeup treatments done, which is still quite dark or requiers color correction, may not be a candidate at this time. If this is you, and you are hoping to book, please email a photo to info@pureskinclinc.co.nz to see if we can tattoo over it. Pigment lightening treatments may be required before any further permanent makeup.

What should I avoid before my appointment?

Avoid scheduling your appointment 30 days before or after any botox or injectable filler treatments. Avoid any sun exposure, as well as tweezing, waxing or threading your eyebrows for at least one week prior to your appointment. Please avoid any alcohol, Advil or caffeine for one day prior to your service. These thin the blood, which can effect pigment retention. If you are feeling flu-ish it is best to avoid treatment. Clients may be more sensitive during their menstrual cycle.

What happens during my appointment?

After filling out a health history questionnaire and consent form, we will map out the ideal shape of the brows or lips based on face shape and the golden mean. After both parties are happy with the shape, numbing cream will be applied for 20 minutes. Colour will be chosen during this time. Each client can watch a sterile needle or small grouping of needles be unwrapped from its packaging. The actual tattooing time may vary per treatment. Colour will appear much more intense initially, and will soften by at least 30% by day 5-7. Each area requires 2 sessions of micropigmentation 4-6 weeks apart.

Does it hurt?

Pain levels differ from person to person, however, most of my clients find the procedure to be quite comfortable. I have even had many clients fall asleep during their microblading or permanent eyebrow session. Most clients would compare the feeling to tweezing or threading. Numbing cream is applied prior to any permanent makeup procedures, and a secondary numbing cream is applied throughout the treatment.

Protect your investment!

Blot dry the brows or with a tissue if needed, and apply a thin layer of the supplied ointment. Apply the ointment very minimally for one week. Apply the supplied ointment up to 2 times a day on lips. You want the area to be lightly moisturized. Eyeliner tattoo doesn’t require ointment application.

The treated area is basically an open wound, so you want to protect it from any bacteria. Avoid sun exposure, makeup, sweating, steam, swimming pools and even touching the area for one week other than applying ointment (with clean hands or a cotton swab). Always avoid laser treatments over the area, as this can destroy the pigments and cause burns. After the area is healed (7-10 days), you want to keep the pigment fresh by protecting it from the sun (shading the area or wearing SPF). You will also want to avoid using any retinol based products, as these will fade your cosmetic tattoo.

Please keep in mind!

* There are no guarantees with permanent makeup procedures. We have control over the procedure while you are in our clinic, but we cannot have control over your skin, or whether you follow the aftercare instructions. Aftercare instructions are provided after treatment.

* Absolutely no refunds are issued for deposits or procedures.

* Cancellation policy: 24 hour notice is required to cancel or reschedule an appointment. No-shows or late cancellation will result in a $100 fee.

* Please respect our no-guest policy for permanent makeup procedures. We need to have 100% focus while working.