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Electrolysis was one of the first methods of permanent hair reduction. This hair removal treatment is suitable for most areas on the body and hair types.

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Hair removal using electrolysis is one of the first methods of permanent hair reduction. As with all things, practice makes perfect and electrolysis hair removal has been improved on over the decades and is a safe, effective form of permanent hair removal, suitable for most areas on the body, for all hair and skin types. Our skin specialists at our clinic in Auckland are skilled at electrolysis hair removal and will make your visit enjoyable.

The benefits of Electrolysis:

  • Can dramatically reduce or eliminate hair growth in certain areas.
  • Effectively treats all hair colours and types.
  • Hair that does grow back will be finer and grow back more slowly.
  • Ideal for treating facial – and other unwanted – hair.
  • Great for treating unwanted capillaries (RED VEIN THERAPY)
  • Effectively remove skin tags

Electrolysis removes hair while promoting lesser, finer hair growth over time. It works by passing a small current of energy into your hair follicle through a very fine probe. This then produces a chemical reaction that destroys the cells at the base of the hair. Each hair is probed individually and then removed using tweezers.

This hair reduction treatment can be used to treat most areas on your face and body, but electrolysis is best suited for treating small localised areas such as your upper lip, chin, eyebrows, the midline of your stomach, and your areola.

Electrolysis can also be used as an effective treatment for red veins and capilliaries on the face and ingrown hairs.

Does electrolysis hurt?

Some people find the electrolysis process more painful than others, with some people comparing the feeling to getting a tattoo or snapping a rubber band against the skin. This feeling is not caused by the insertion of the epilator, but by the application of the electric current which stimulates nerves that are present near the hair.

How long does the treatment take?

Electrolysis treatment can last anywhere from 15-30 minutes.

Because hairs grow at different rates, you’ll need to come back for additional treatments to target hairs at different growth stages. Your treatment schedule will be tailored for your situation during your initial consultation.

Following treatment, you might see raised skin and redness in the area – it might look a little like an insect bite. But this should clear up within a  day. After electrolysis treatment you should avoid swimming, sunbathing, wearing cosmetics or perfume over the treated areas for 24 hours.

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